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Design Tips

Bathroom Tip
I think that the bathroom deserves better lighting. Install wall mounted lights beside, above and below your bathroom mirror so that your face is illuminated, eliminating shadows.
Bedroom Tip
If you have a small bedroom, think really hard about storage strategies. The more clutter there is, the smaller your bedroom will feel. I like built in storage solutions to hide your personal effects.
Dining Room Tip
Full length mirrors are my go to feature in dining rooms. The reflection not only makes your dining area seem bigger, it also bounces light around the area to make it seem airier.
Kitchen Tip
It bugs me when I see poorly placed lightings in kitchens. Your light needs to be placed so that it falls in front of you like under cabinet lights, putting it behind you causes a shadow.
Living Room Tips
You don't have to be matchy matchy when decorating your living room. Just remember to resist overcrowding your furniture. Use your personality and make your space great again.
Study Room Tips
I generally advise my clients to build open shelves and wall mounted desks to maximise what little space they have in their study rooms. For cosiness, lay a rug under your table and chair.