Frequently asked questions about design and renovation services - answered.


Is Imposed Design a registered licensed contractor?

Yes we are! Our HDB license no. is HB-05-3903H :)

How soon can our renovation works be completed?

Most of our HDB projects are completed between a period of 6 to 8 weeks. This excludes saturdays, sundays and public holidays. Along the way if there are requested changes, we will factor in an extra may be a 1 to 2 weeks delay.

Budget & Finance

Can you provide an instalment plan for my renovation works?

No. But we can help you arrange for a bank loan (subjected to bank's terms

and conditions).

During the renovation

Will my Imposed Design designer check on the renovation works in progress?

Yes. It's our job to do so! Before the start of any work, we share our plans and provide a schedule of work with you. As the project progresses, we will send you on site images of our progress via your favourite texting app.

Why doesn't Imposed Design provide direct services for air conditioning and electrical works?

Electrical workers have to be licensed in Singapore. While we are not licensed, we have a reliable licensed contractor we can refer homeowners to should you be keen.

Post renovation

Does Imposed Design provide a warranty after the completion of my renovation?

Yes, the company provides a limited warranty for our carpentry works etc after we hand over your project. Our warranty covers manufacturing faults and excludes normal wear and tear.