We specialise in complete services for your interior renovation needs.

Residential & Commercial Services

We are a full-service residential and commercial interior design firm. Having worked with a strong diversity of private and commercial clients, we understand explicitly how everyone’s design needs are distinctive. Therefore, we keep a close attention to each and every one of your design requirements.

Colour & Material Proposals

Our highly resourceful design team works closely with clients to present tailor-made design ideas, while maintaining high standards of design, quality and service. Using the right colour schemes and best materials definitely comes into play. We work with several industry heavyweights like Hafary, Lamitak, Häfele, Goodrich Global, Nippon Paint and Blum so you can be assured of quality workmanship.

Site Coordination & Supervision

From design conceptualisation to site co-ordination and supervision, we are here every step of the way to materialise your design vision. We are also always open to your suggestions and insights. Therefore, you can expect to be highly engaged in the renovation process.

FSSB Compliant

For peace of mind, we also handle fire safety submissions for FSSB (Fire Safety & Shelter Bureau) procedures. This is to ensure the space you work or live in adheres to a high level of fire safety and it is a safe and secure home or workplace.

Application of Permits

As part of our comprehensive range of services, we also undertake the proceedings for the application of permits from different authorities like the Housing Development Board (HDB). This ensures legally compliant renovations. For piece of mind, our HDB registration number is BH-05-3903H

Knowledgeable & Respected

Our projects have been featured in several esteemed publications and online platforms such as Time Magazine,, SquareRooms and D+A. By flying to design destinations like Europe for the biggest design fairs every year, we are always in tune with the latest design insights and technologies.